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We pride ourselves in paying attention to all the details of your event, from the amazing people that make it unique to those small touches.  Our passion is making a film that you will want to watch over and over again.

One of the biggest things people tell us about our wedding films is that they wish they would have had their wedding day filmed. A wedding film allows you to remember those little things, from your walk down the aisle to busting a move that evening at your reception. Your wedding film is a beautiful documentary about your day that you can enjoy now and in the future.

We look at your film as a moving memory of one of the most important days of your lives, carefully constructed from countless hours of footage and editing. It really can be a reminder of where a relationship has been, and the future it holds.

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We start when you do, so we don’t miss a thing. From when we arrive to capture you getting ready to when we leave, normally when everyone hits the dance floor a normal wedding can last around 16 hours. We capture all the details of your day and put them together in a beautiful storybook film and trailer.

The Teaser
This is something short and sweet, a quick few seconds of footage that we create on the day of your wedding and share that evening on FaceBook. These typically last around 20-30 seconds and are a great alternative to sharing just photographs on your FaceBook page.

The Movie Poster
This really adds to the movie experience, on the day we will take a few snaps and produce an awesome movie poster which really helps create that movie experience.

The Trailer
Our trailer lasts around 3 -5 minutes and is designed to give you a quick look of what is coming in your storybook film. Trailers are delivered online via Vimeo or FaceBook and you can watch them again and again with your family and friends.

Your Storybook Film
Your Storybook film is a great way to re-live your day; a beautiful 20 minute documentary style film captures all the small details and best bits about your day. We create moving memories that will let you share your wedding day with your friends and family for years to come.

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Tears in the morning when your dad sees you in your dress

The flower Girl & Page boy walking hand in hand up the aisle

Your first kiss as a married couple

Your fathers proud speech

The best mans stories that maybe you didn’t know about

The break dancing on the dance floor in the evening

We capture everything, all you need to do is ask yourself can you afford not to have one of the best days of your lives filmed.

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It can take around 24 hours of editing to create your trailer and storybook film, we are passionate about everything we create and we take our time to ensure everything is perfect for you.

We aim to deliver your wedding trailer within 2 weeks after your wedding and your storybook film within 12 weeks after your wedding.

Your trailer and storybook are both delivered on a custom USB Key as well as online so you can share it with anyone you like. Your custom USB Key ensures everything is delivered in stunning HD Quality.

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Capturing every moment, every detail

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Stunning HD

High Definition quality from start to finish ensures everything is captured in stunning detail. We are working hard to produce our first 4K wedding so keep checking back for future updates.

The Right Tools.

From sturdy professional tripods, to our 3 Axis Gimbal, we capture film quality footage that really takes your film to the next level. DSLR Cameras allow us to blend in with your guests.

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We can take care of your Photographs as well

We have worked closely with bradley photography for a good few years now and we decided to come up with a package that takes care of all your Photo and Film requirements. Bradley is an extremely talented Wedding photographer with an eye for detail, you can check out his website via the link below. Please get in touch for package prices.


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7 Reasons you should have a Wedding Film

7. You can’t turn back the clock

Your Wedding Day is one of those once in a lifetime events. Not having a wedding film means you can’t re-live your special day, you won’t be able to show your kids or grand kids and you won’t have anything to watch back on those all important wedding anniversaries. We really do hear people saying they wish they would have had their day filmed.

6. Weddings Are About People

Photography is great for capturing moments and details, cinematography’s greatest asset is the capturing of human emotions, expressions, motion, and voices of the people in your life. A lot of work has gone into your wedding, late nights creating invitations, hundreds of miles covered to find the perfect dress not to mention all the other details. A wedding film is a great way to capture these details and almost every bride and groom will tell you they never get the chance to see or speak to everyone.

5. Experience

We have been capturing weddings from 2008 and we have never been to a wedding that is the same as another one. Your day is unique and so are you, our unique way of capturing these moments will let you re-live them again and again.

4. Fading Memories

Memories will fade, however your wedding day doesn’t have to be one of them.  What do you remember about your 16th Birthday? Surely, you will be able to remember more about your wedding, right?  “I can’t believe it’s over!”  “That day just flew in”, we hear this all the time at weddings, which is why we work hard to preserve your memories for generations to come.

3. Everyone has a camera now

Everyone does have cameras now and they really do take some good video footage. Not only do we use the industry standard HD cameras, sound recording equipment and motion equipment but we also ensure we capture the things that matter. It can be difficult to capture all the parts of your day if you are a family member or friend.Wwe ensure everything is captured correctly, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the day.

2. Kids

Kids bring some extra fun to a wedding, whether it’s running up the aisle instead of walking or putting holes in the knees of their suit trousers as they slide across the dance floor. Kids are something you won’t want to miss on your wedding day and it’s something you can share with them as they grow up.

1. Nothing but emotion

A great wedding film can offer a truly unforgettable emotional experience.  A cinematic edit, the right music and the heartfelt voices of the people that make up your wedding can create a memory that really is unique. The emotion starts with the footage we capture (We have even shed a tear or two on the day), but it really comes to life during the editing process and becomes something that might even seem better than the real thing.

Put simply there is no better way to capture your beautiful day!

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